FABRICS, Emerging AI Readiness, by Alex Comninos and Martin Konzett, First Edition, 2018, perfect bound, ISBN-978-3-200-05921-4 → paperback, download PDF

FABRICS is an unpacking of the regulatory challenges to artificial intelligence (AI) and automated decision making, in particular the 'right to explanation' arising from the EU General Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR).


Stadium, Later the streets, by Martin Konzett, First Edition, 2019, perfect bound, ISBN-978-3-200-06534-5 → paperback, download PDF

Stadium is a brief latergram sourced from the archive of a series of studies conducted in southern Africa in 2005-2006. It offers stimulus to research how urban life has evolved in the region over the last decade as well as the future of urbanisation in the periphery of the global South.


Regulatory Considerations for Touristic Services, card deck, First (EU) Edition, 2019, print and ISBN forthcoming

→ The card deck on Regulatory Considerations for Touristic Services offers a broad overview of relevant EU treaties, regulations and directives for the provision and consumption of touristic travel products and serves as a gamification component in ideation sessions.


Systematic Happiness, The art of re-enactment, performed 2018 in Austria and Lebanon → Biometric Evergreens, Me and Myself, performed 2014-2018 and ongoing in Poland, Austria and Lebanon → UZIVOL #3 Hello Africa, performed 2009 in South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania, excerpts exhibited as part of the permanent exhibition at Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) and Stories from the Field: Mobile Phone Usage and its Impact on People's Lives in East Africa, ICTD - International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies Development, London (DOI 2369220.2369267) → Into the tangible, Transforming Digital Aesthetics, performed 2013 in Austria → Systematic Happiness, Equilibrium, performed 2011 in Tanzania

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