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Express ways by Martin Konzett, 2020, a series of field studies on incorporating rail and public transport experiences in the design of touristic packages for city destinations in Central Europe.
Summer 2020 by Martin Konzett, 2020, a bundle of mapbox styles and datasets, a spatial analysis of alpine summer destination's marketing campaigns with focus on tours and activities in Austria / DACH

→ Focus on Travel & Tourism

ResearchOps → Lessons learned from a fast track field study on behaviours of best age travellers in a MENA destination. The Unbanked and Underbanked → A study of perceptions towards and usage of cash by transportation network companies in EMEA. The Tourism Industry Value Chain → A study of policy effectiveness in online mediation of tours and activities in DACH and MENA. Experience Management → Lessons learned from prototyping a in-vehicle CSAT scoring system in the tours and activities industry in DACH. DesignOps → Lessons learned from establishing a design system within a globally rolled out travel-tech ecosystem.

The Medina by Martin Konzett and Thomas Költringer, 2020, a field study on behaviours of best age travellers in a MENA destination.
Hubs by Martin Konzett, 2020, a comparative case study on applying pedestrian priority paradigms in designing downtown transport hubs in a Central European capital.

→ Generic

Disaster response → Lessons learned from digitising key worker identification and equipment provisioning in COVID-19 responses in DACH. Urban Data and Data Justice → A study of societal effects of smart electricity and water metering deployments in Southern Africa. Privacy and Health Information Exchange → A study of privacy issues in maternal health information collection in East and Southern Africa. AI/ML A study on regulatory challenges to artificial intelligence (AI) and automated decision making arising from the GDPR.

Hello Africa by Anders Khan Bolin and Martin Konzett, 2009, 43min documentary movie, PAL and Stories from the Field: Mobile Phone Usage and its Impact on People's Lives in East Africa, 2010, DOI 10.1145/2369220.2369267
FABRICS, Emerging AI Readiness by Alex Comninos and Martin Konzett, 2018, perfect bound, 1st Edition of 500, 40 pages, 148 × 210mm, ISBN-978-3-200-05921-4, on regulatory challenges to artificial intelligence (AI) and automated decision making.

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